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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)



Musaddiq Adam Muhtar has served in various capacities within Malaysia's policymaking circles in the days leading to and following from the country's landmark 2018 general elections – the elections that ended Malaysia's six-decade one-party rule since her independence from Britain in 1957.

Adam started his career as a researcher at the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund’s research institute and was most recently an economist serving Malaysia's Securities Commission and Ministry of Finance. He also served as an officer in the Prime Minister's advisory council (Malaysia's Council of Eminent Persons), producing white papers on economic and institutional reforms, and how they fit with the nation’s overarching fiscal objectives and economic development strategy. His work also covers a broad range of economic policy issues such as public financial management, industrial strategy formulation, international trade negotiations and emergency support measures during the pandemic.

Adam graduated from the London School of Economics with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and joins the Cambridge MPP cohort as a recipient of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Centenary Fund Scholarship from St Catharine's College.


Industrial Strategy Design and Implementation; Nexus of Economic and Financial Development; Economics of Innovation and New Technologies; Economic Consequences of Great Power Competition


Key publications: 

Financial Development: Catalysing Economic Development in Malaysia”. A box article in Securities Commission Malaysia Annual Report 2019, pp. 104–108.


Reclaiming Malaysia’s Public Finances: The Case for an Independent Fiscal Institution in Malaysia” with Allen Ng. A policy brief submitted as part of Policy Proposal to the Malaysian Council of Eminent Persons, 2018.


The Malaysian Development Journey: Past, Present and Future” with Allen Ng and Siti Aiysyah Tumin in The State of Households 2018: Different Realities, pp. 138–195. A report published by Khazanah Research Institute, 2018.


Introduction to Malaysia’s Trade Policies” with Dr Nungsari A. Radhi and Adibah Abdulhadi. A chapter in Malaysia’s Trade Governance at a Crossroads, Pierre Sauvé (ed.), pp. 45–74, published by Khazanah Research Institute, 2018.


Structure of the Malaysian Economy: An Input-Output Analysis” with Dr Yusuf Saari et al. A report published by Khazanah Research Institute, 2018.


Why Trade Matters: Trade Issues in Non-communicable Diseases, Essential Medicines and Education” with Alyssa Farha Jasmin et al. A report published by Khazanah Research Institute, 2017.

Supervisor: Professor Diane Coyle
College: St Catharine's

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