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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)


Niyousha researches psychological and educational approaches to counter-extremism. Her overlapping research interests include race, anti-Muslim racism, education, colonial histories of psychology, liberalism, and the political thought of Sylvia Wynter. 

She is Editor in Chief at the Cambridge Review of International Affairs. Her research is funded by the Cambridge International Trust, St John's College (Cambridge), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Doctoral Fellowship. 

College: St John's


Key publications: 


Bastani, Niyousha and Lorena Gazzotti (2021) “‘Still a bit uncomfortable, to be an arm of the

state’: Making sense and subjects of counter-extremism in the UK and Morocco.” Environment and

Planning C: Politics and Space. 


Bastani, Niyousha (2020) “Education is the humanitarian’s burden: development and Iranian

women’s memoirs.” Cultural Critique 109:64-94. 


Other publications: 

(Forthcoming) Bastani, Niyousha. “Pain without lesions: a situational diagnosis of preventative policing.” In Fighting Global Apartheid and Technologies of Violence, edited by Mizue Aizeki, Matt Mahmoudi, and Coline Schupfer. Haymarket.  


Bastani, Niyousha (2021) “The Intimacies of Surveillance.” The Long View, Islamic Human Rights



Tsui, Quito and Niyousha Bastani (2021) “The Inconvenience of Care: A Manifesto.” Engagée. 


Bastani, Niyousha (2020). “Over-representing Whiteness: On Educational Tactics.” The Sociological

Review (Blog) 

Thesis title: Subjects of Care: Ethics, Extremism and Education
Supervisor: Dr. Lauren Wilcox

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