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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)

Governance of Digital Technologies
Decolonial Thinking


Dr Sebastián Lehuedé is a Postdoctoral Scholar at the Centre of Governance and Human Rights ( His research focuses on the governance of digital technologies, which he approaches from a global social justice perspective inspired by Latin American decolonial thinking. Sebastián’s current research investigates the shifts taking place in the digital rights movement as a response to data colonialism. Sebastián holds a PhD in Data, Networks and Society from the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics (LSE). His doctoral thesis proposed a framework of data governance based on the notion of ‘autonomy’ as circulated by social movements and critical intellectuals in Latin America. In empirical terms, this research examined the hopes and fears of researchers, policymakers and Indigenous activists in Chile regarding the information produced by the international astronomical observatories constructed in the Atacama Desert. Sebastián has experience in collaborative interdisciplinary research and teaching undergraduate and postgraduate groups of students. Sebastián worked as a research assistant at Virt-EU (, an interdisciplinary EU-funded project that analysed the ethics of the Internet of Things. Through his teaching, Sebastián is an Associate Fellow of AdvanceHE ( He is also a member of Tierra Común (, a network of scholars and activists opposing data colonialism. Sebastián studied Journalism at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile before graduating with Distinction in MSc in Media and Communications at the LSE. He has professional experience in media and political communication.


Other publications: 

Journal Articles

Lehuedé, S. (2021). The Coloniality of Collaboration: Sources of Epistemic Obedience in Data-Intensive Astronomy in Chile. Information, Communication & Society. Link:

Ustek-Spilda, F., Vega, D., Magnani, M., Rossi, L., Shklovski, I., Lehuedé, S., & Powell, A. (2021). A Twitter-Based Study of the European Internet of Things. Information Systems Frontiers, 23(1), 135–149. Link:


Ustek-Spilda, F., Powell, A., Shklovski, I., & Lehuedé, S. (2019). Peril v. Promise: IoT and the Ethical Imaginaries. Proceedings of the CHI 2019 Workshop on New Directions for the IoT: Automate, Share, Build, and Care. Link:

Blogs and Websites

Lehuedé, S., Filimonov, K., & Higgins, K. (2020). Dissent & Democracy in Covid-19. Progressive International. Link:

Lehuedé, S. (2020). Can start-ups fix the ethical problems of technology? Media@LSE Blog. Link:

Lehuedé, S. (2019). What Violence and Whose Responsibility? Critical Questions in Social Uprisings in Chile, Hong Kong and Lebanon. Media@LSE Blog. Link:

Postdoctoral Researcher at the Centre of Governance and Human Rights

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