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Professor Helen Thompson

Professor Helen Thompson

Professor in Political Economy

University Teaching Officer


Office hours: Appointment by email

Office Phone: 01223 767 264

Research Interests

 International political economy: the state, democracy and the international economy; the financial crisis;  sovereign debt; the euro-zone crisis; UK economic policy


Post-graduate supervision interests

The politics of UK and American economic policy; the euro zone; debt; the financial crisis.

Key Publications

  • ‘UK debt in comparative perspective: the pernicious legacy of financial sector debt’, British Journal of Politics and International Relations,  vol 15, no 3, pp 476-492.
  • ‘The limits of blaming neo-liberalism: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the financial crisis’, New Political Economy, 2012 vol. 17 no. 4. pp. 319-419.
  • China and the mortgaging of America, Basingstoke: Palgrave 2010
  • Might, right, prosperity and consent: representative democracy and the international economy, Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2008.