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Applying to Cambridge to study Politics and International Relations

Studying Politics at Cambridge - what is it like?

In these short clips, we asked some of our current students to speak about their experiences of studying politics at Cambridge. 

James and Katya talk about their experiences so far


Addye explains the most unexpected thing about her course


James and Katya tell us that Cambridge was not how they expected it to be

Addye discusses her plans after Cambridge


James and Katya recommend their favourite books Addye tells us the best thing about her course

James and Katya tell us about their favourite podcast

 (We didn't ask them to say this...!)

Addye recommends her favourite places to study James and Katya talk about why they chose to study politics

In this film, David Runciman gives his first lecture of the academic year for POL1 - The modern state and its alternatives. This gives a small taste of what it is like to attend lectures at The Department of Politics and International Studies.


In this podcast, recorded in 2016, Prof Helen Thompson speaks to three final year students - Micha Eversley, Rebecca Verlander and Charles Bonfils-Duclos - about their experiences of Cambridge and studying politics. 


Further information

If you are interested in applying for this course please visit our webpage which answers the Frequently Asked Questionsthe HSPS website or the History and Politics website