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Part IIB

Part IIB

In Part IIB Politics and International Relations, you may choose to offer four papers, or three papers and a dissertation. The one requirement (except for those doing a one year Part II) is to take POL 9 and at least one other paper in the subject. Other choices are to extend your knowledge of the history of political thought, or study the politics of a particular area such as Europe or Africa. 

Options for Part IIB 2017-18

The Part IIB Options Day is on the 12th May from 1pm in Lecture Block Room 4. 


For 2017-18 students will need to submit their paper choices online.

You will still need to discuss your choices with your Directors of Studies first and review the options guide.

This is the link to access the system:

Please do not make your choices until you have attended the Options Day.

Students must return preliminary paper choices by Wednesday 24th May.

Paper Guides for 2017-18 (Subject to further change)


  • Each year the Department publishes a guide to dissertations which sets out the expectations of content, layout, and submission (Submission and Penalties section - to be updated). It is important that you read this guide whilst working on your dissertation and before submitting.
  • Dissertation Application Form 
  • Undergraduate Ethical Approval Form 
  • For reference when writing your own dissertation please see below for a couple of examples of first class dissertations written by POLIS students in previous years of the PPS tripos.
    • Example #1:The US Constitution and debates on the expansion of federal power, 1932-2013
    • Example #2: Global Justice and indeterminacy - the boundaries of the cosmopolitan premise