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Tobias Müller

Tobias  Müller

Localising secular power. The government of Muslim life worlds in diverse urban neighbourhoods in the Germany and the UK

Supervisor: Dr Sara Silvestri

Advisor: Dr Duncan Kelly

Cambridge Institute on Religion & International Studies (CIRIS)

Research Associate

Research Interests

- Politics and theories of secularism
- Muslim minorities in Europe
- Contemporary and critical political theory
- Comparative and Islamic political theory
- Middle East and North Africa politics

Key Publications

Müller, Tobias (forthcoming): Engaging "Moderates" Against "Extremists" in German Politics on Islam", accepted for special issue "Reconsidering Religious Radicalism", Review of Faith & International Affairs.


Müller, Tobias (forthcoming): Provincializing Political Education: Postkoloniale Politische Theorie, in Markus Gloe und Tonio Oeftering (ed), "Politische Theorie meets Politische Bildung".


Müller, Tobias (2017): Constructing Islam and Secularism in the German Islam Conference, in Paul Anderson and Julian Hargreaves (ed), "Muslims in the UK and Europe III", Cambridge: Centre for Islamic Studies. Available online:



Müller, Tobias (2016): Il potere del popolo è laico? Un'analisi critica della religione e del potere del popolo nella teoria democratia liberale (Is people's power secular? A critical analysis of religion and people's power in liberal democratic theory), in Rivista di Politica, 4/2016, 49-64.



Müller, Tobias (2015) “Contemporary Islamic Thinkers' Understandings of Secularism” Master Thesis, University of Cambridge, in: Perspectives in the Study of Religion,


Müller, Tobias (2014) “Economics. The User's Guide” by Ha-Joon Chang, Book review, in Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 27:4, 761-764.


Müller, Tobias (2014) “The Rise of the BRICS in Africa “by Pádraig Carmody, Book review, in Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 27:2, 393-395.


Müller, Tobias (2012) “God is Caesar?” Die Debatte um den Islam als Hindernis für Demokratisierung, in: Münchener Beiträge zur Politikwissenschaft 24, Munich: LMU Munich,


Müller, Tobias (2012) Mediation und ihre Kosten, wer zahlt die Rechnung?, in: Zeitschrift für Konfliktmanagement (ZKM) 2012:2 (together with Martin Engel).