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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)


MPhil and PhD students, in cases of acute hardship resulting from unforeseen circumstances (for example, essential travel because of family illness or bereavement; funds needed to complete studies).


Applicants write a letter explaining their circumstances and need.
Supervisors write a letter of confirmation. This will then need to submitted to the Postgraduate Education Committee Secretary. 


An upper limit of £300 per application. The Postgraduate Education Committee has authority to vary the upper limit in exceptional circumstances.


The Graduate Hardship Fund shall be considered as a standing item on the Postgraduate Education Committee agenda. Please contact the Secretary for committee dates.

  1. Papers for PEC will include a spreadsheet showing all previous awards for applicants. 
  2. The availability of the fund will be published in the handbooks and on the POLIS webpage and the fund will be available to Politics and International Studies PhD students, graduate students studying on the MPhil in International Relations and Politics (or its predecessors), or the MPP Programme.
  3. All awards are conditional upon confirmation that other funding has not been received for the same purpose, and that the funding will not be used to extend the period of time in which the student is expected to complete their programme of study.
  4. Awards from the fund cannot be used to pay university or college fees.
  5. Applicants are expected to word process applications, applications are provided by emailing the PhD Administrator