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Other Teaching Staff and Affiliates

Professor Laura Diaz Anadon
  • Professor of Climate Change Policy
  • University Teaching Officer
  • Bye-Fellow Peterhouse
01223 337156
Dr Judd Birdsall
  • Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Patrick Clibbens
  • Teaching Associate
Dr Roxane Farmanfarmaian
  • Affiliated Lecturer, Project PI
Tom Hopkins
  • Teaching Associate
Mitya Pearson
  • Teaching Associate
Dr Evaleila Pesaran
  • College Lecturer at Murray Edwards College
Suzanne Raine
  • Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Joel Rogers de Waal
  • Polling Director, YouGov-Cambridge Centre
Sophie Rosenberg
  • College Lecturer in Politics and International Relations
  • Fellow, Murray Edwards
Dr Faiz Sheikh
  • Teaching Associate
Ian Shields
  • Teaching Associate
Miss Sylvana Tomaselli, FRHS
  • Affiliated Lecturer
  • Sir Harry Hinsley Lecturer, St John's College
Dr James Wood
  • Teaching Associate
Dr Harald Wydra
  • College Fellow
  • Downing College
  • St Catharine's College