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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)

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CamFunds - Funding Search Tool

There are hundreds of awards available for Graduate Students at the University, but it can be difficult to find which ones you are eligible for. To help with this search the University has developed CamFunds, a funding search tool which allows you to enter your details and pull up a list of funding which might be suitable.

You can find full information about course fees on the Graduate Admissions website

Dedicated MPhil Public Policy bursaries:

The MPhil Public Policy has a dedicated individual bursary, as detailed below. These bursaries are awarded to outstanding applicants based on merit.

*Kanders Churchill Scholarship: It is open to US citizens, who hold a bachelor's degree with a major or minor in science, mathematics or engineering (gained within the past three years, or longer, in excpetional circumstances). The Kanders Churchill Scholarship is a full scholarship, the successful candidate will be registered for the MPhil in Public Policy and will be based at Churchill College. More information on this scholarship is available on the Churchill Foundation website.

To apply for the Kanders Churchill Scholarship you should apply in the normal way using the Applicant Portal. Go to the section "Other funding you have, or have applied for." Tick the "yes" box for the question "Have you applied for or secured funding..." Then, under "Funding," choose "Scholarship/grant" from the drop-down list. For "Funding status," choose "I have applied for this funding." You can leave the "value," "duration," and "expected decision date" fields blank. Under "Please give details about this funding," you can briefly (100 words) describe your interest in being considered for the Kanders Churchill Scholarship.

In the section for 'College Preference' please indicate that Churchill College is your first choice. As with all Churchill Scholarships, applicants must put Churchill College as their first college choice. The selection process will be completed by the end of December. The Selection Committee will consider candidates’ academic achievements in STEM as well as their preparation for the Master’s in Public Policy.

Please note that there are firm deadlines for applying for funding opportunities, any application received after the stated funding deadline will not be eligible for consideration for an award.

University Funding

There are many funding opportunities at Cambridge from a wide variety of sources including the Cambridge Trust, Gates Cambridge, Colleges, Departments, Research Councils and central University funds.

The Postgraduate Admissions Office publish information about the University's central funding competitions for Graduate Students on their website which includes information about how to apply, deadlines and other useful information. 

Examples include:

Graduate Funding Competition

Cambridge Trust

Gates Cambridge

External Funding

Please note that there are firm deadlines for applications to be in by in order to be considered for funding.