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Welcome to the MPhil in Public Policy


The Cambridge MPP is an interdisciplinary graduate degree intended for individuals who are developing, or hope to develop, careers as leaders in policy formulation and implementation, within local or national government, in the not-for-profit sector, with an NGO or within the private sector. 

The course aims to promote and strengthen the interconnections between science, research and innovation in public policy. Integral to these aims, the MPP will promote better awareness within policy circles of scientific developments and emerging technologies, which in turn will encourage long-term thinking and better strategic planning.   

The course provides students with a range of opportunities to develop their academic and practical understanding of public policy through a broad set of lectures, seminars, exercises and simulations.  Our aim is to accelerate your understanding of policy making and to assist you in making a significant impact in public service.



 Photo: Alison Richard Building, home of the MPP


The Programme Description page contains a broad outline of the course content.

The Course Structure page contains detailed information on the current course content by Term.

The Work Placements page contains further information about this particular element of the course, including links to current student experiences. 

The How to Apply page contains details of the entry requirements.

The Deadlines page contains all the key dates to be aware of for funding opportunities.

The Fees and Funding page contains details of schemes specific to this course.

The FAQ page should cover anything else that the other pages have missed!



If after you have read through these pages you have any further questions please feel free to email the Graduate Secretary,

What our students say

Jesse Kancir, MPP Student 2014-15

My graduate experience at Cambridge in the MPP comes in between a transition from medical school to residency training in Canada. I made the decision to study an MPP during my clinical experience when I realized that my most meaningful contribution to patients and populations would be through developing and implementing healthy public policy rather than through procedures or pharmaceuticals; I already had a background in health policy and economics but realized that becoming a competent physician meant not only having ideas but having advanced policy capacities, too.

The decision to come to Cambridge was an easy one given that I wanted to study somewhere with equal strengths in public health, medicine, and economics. Within the classroom, at POLIS, and on campus I’ve found the right mix of experiences to develop new thoughts and skills to bring back to my professional practice.  The one-year duration of the program has also been important. For a professional like me, leaving your training for any amount of time is challenging. Being able to complete the degree in one-year has allowed me to adapt this training into my professional life.

An essential part of the Cambridge MPP is work experience with some involvement in the policy process. My work placement has been with the UK’s National Audit Office (NAO) in evaluating the evidence-base for the outcomes and best practices of integration of health and social care systems. Integration was a central pillar of health platforms in the 2015 General Election and, in this sense, my work experience was rooted in practicality from the onset. Applicability has also helped shape the richness of the academic experience: the UK General Election over the past few months has provided examples within our lectures, seminars, extracurriculars, and informal meetings for our class to analyze and better understand the dynamics of public policy.


We also offer a Postgraduate Certificate in Public Policy. Find out more here: