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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)

The Cambridge MPP is an interdisciplinary graduate degree intended for individuals who are developing careers as leaders in policymaking.

Whether that is formulation and implementation of policy within the local or national government, the not-for-profit sector, an NGO, or within the private sector. 

Our course aims to promote and strengthen the interconnections between science, research and innovation in public policy. Integral to these aims, the MPP will promote better awareness within policy circles of scientific developments and emerging technologies, which in turn will encourage long-term thinking and better strategic planning.   

We provide students with a range of opportunities to develop their academic and practical understanding of public policy through a broad set of lectures, seminars, exercises and simulations. 

We aim to accelerate your understanding of policymaking and to assist you in making a significant impact in public service.

If you have any additional questions and to apply, please have a look at the postgraduate admissions MPP page or email Rebecca King.