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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)


Courses and Timetable

The provisional list of courses for MPhil Students in 2021/2 can be found here>>

In addition to the optional courses, students will undertake mandatory Statistics and Research Methods courses in the Michaelmas and Lent terms. 


Graduate Student Resources

Please consult the following pages for information about -

Formatting and Style Guides

Applying for Ethical Approval

Applying for Leave to Work Away

Risk Assessments and Fieldwork 

Examination Allowances

Examination Review Procedure

Disability Support


Examination Data Retention Policy 

The Examination Data Retention Policy is available here.


Plagiarism Guidelines

All students will information about plagiarism in the Handbook, which is given out on Induction Day. You will be required to submit a coversheet with each assessed piece of work attesting to its originality. The plagiarism guidelines can also be found here.



Current students can find more information about the course via the Moodle Site. This closed network site is used to make specific course guides and other documents available to the students. Current MPhil students can log on to it using their Raven password, and will see the ‘MPhil Politics and International Studies’ site. If you have problems accessing the site, please contact the Graduate Secretay.


Email graduate secretary>>


Code of Practice

It is essential that students review the Code of Practice at the start of their study so a signature page has been introduced to the booklet to help encourage this. We will not be checking on students or their supervisor that this has been completed, but please note that if you do not sign the booklet this does not mean that you will not be held against it. The Code of Practice will be distributed in student's induction packs, but can also be found online here.


Academic Staff Office Hours

These office hours apply in term time. If you wish to see a member of staff outside of term it is advisable to check first whether they are keeping regular office hours. If you are unable to make office hours during term time, please contact lecturers via email to make an alternative appointment.

This list applies to the Course Leaders on the MPhil; for a more comprehensive list please see the table at the bottom of this page. 


Academic  Office Hours
Dr Chris Bickerton (The Crisis of Party Democracy: Crisis, Consequences, Remedies) Tuesday 11.00-12.00pm
Dr Rebecca Buxton (Feminist Political Thought and Borders, Migration and Displacement) Appointment by email
Dr Patrick Clibbens (Elections, Polls and Policy in South Asia) Appointment by email
Dr Stephanie Diepeveen Decolonising Politics and International Relations) Appointment by email
Dr Alena Drieschova (From the Printing Press to Facebook and Twitter) Appointment by email
Dr Mette Eilstrup-Sangiovanni (Transnational Authority in World Politics)  Appointment by email
Dr Mehmet Erol (Political Economy of the Global South) Appointment by email
Dr Sean Fleming (Environmental Political Thought) Appointment by email
Dr Roberto Foa (States and State Formation) Appointment by email
Dr Jeremy Green (Global Capitalism and the Anthropocene) Wednesdays 2.00-3.00pm
Dr Dennis Grube (Rhetorical Leadership) Appointment by email
Dr Jaakko Heiskanen (Nationalism and International Order) Appointment by email
Prof William Hurst (Law and Politics in Authoritarian and Developing Countries) Appointment by email
Dr Iza Hussin (Religion and Politics: Islam, Secularism, Global Movements) Tuesday 11.00-12.00pm

Dr Tomas Larsson (Religion and Politics)

Prof Duncan Kelly (Politics and the Anthropocene)

Appointment by email

Appointment by email

Dr Giovanni Mantilla (International Relations and International Law: Theories and Histories and Norms of Humanity: Traditional and Critical Approaches)

Appointment by email
Dr Naosuke Mukoyama (The Politics of Natural Resources) Appointment by email
Dr Tristen Naylor (Historical International Relations) Appointment by email
Dr Glen Rangwala (The Middle East in Global Politics) Wednesdays 11.05am - 12.05pm
Prof Lucia Reisch (Behavioural Public Policy for Sustainability) Appointment by email
Dr Ian Shields (Cultures of War) Appointment by email

Dr Carsten-Andreas Schulz (Latin America in the International Order)

Appointment by email

Prof Brendan Simms (European Geopolitics 1555-1763 and Britain and the Geopolitics of the Baltic, c. 1450-present)

Thursday 1.00-2.00pm (term time)
Dr Peter Sloman (Fiscal Politics in Westminster Democracies) Appointment by email
Dr Amar Sohol (India or Pakistan?: Muslim Ideas of the Nation in the Twentieth Century) Appointment by email
Dr Sharath Srinivasan (Communication, Technology and Politics) Wednesdays 4.00-5.00pm
Dr Pieter van Houten (Research Methods and Political Regimes: The End of Democratisation?  Tuesday 10.30-12.00 or appointment by email 
Prof Marc Weller (International Constitutional Law) Appointment by email
Dr James Wood (Comparative Political Economy) Appointment by email
Dr Ayse Zarakol (Crisis, Decline and Change in International Politics) Monday 12.00-1.00pm
Dr Sam Zeitlin (Francis Bacon (1561-1626) on War and Peace) Appointment by email