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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)

Director of Studies at Homerton College


Christopher Brooke is a Professor in Political Theory and Fellow and Director of Studies in Politics at Homerton College. He holds a PhD from Harvard University and has worked at Oxford (2000-2009), Cambridge (2009-2012), Bristol (2012-2014), and Cambridge again (since 2014).


I am working on three main projects: on European union before the European Union, a history of distributive political thought from 1699 to the present, and a general history of political thought in the period 1794-1848. 


Key publications: 
  • Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan (London: Penguin, 2017).
Other publications: 

Teaching and Supervisions


The History of the History of Political Thought (PhD class, since 2014)

The Political Thought of Michel Foucault (MPhil class, since 2021)

The History of Political Thought (Part II, all periods)

The Modern State and its Alternatives (Part I)

Professor of Political Theory
University Teaching Officer
Fellow, Homerton College
Dr Christopher   Brooke