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PhD Students

Maria Chiara Vinciguerra
  • EU Policy Responses to the Migration and Refugee Crisis: The Refugee Relocation Scheme
  • Supervisor: Dr Julie Smith
Esma Akkilic
  • Automation in Comparative Capitalisms
  • Supervisor: Professor Diane Coyle
Naif Al-Mulla
  • Supervisor: Professor Marc Weller
Andrea Binder
  • The global politics of tax haven regulation
  • Supervisor: Dr Helen Thompson
Nicholas Chan
  • Making Moderates: The Politics of Counter-Terror in Southeast Asia
  • Supervisor: Dr Iza Hussin
Margot Dazey
  • The politics of recognition of Islamic moral entrepreneurs in France
  • Supervisor: Dr Sara Silvestri
Léonie de Jonge
  • Populism and Xenophobia in Small Western European States: Success and Failure of Right-Wing Populist Parties with an Anti-Immigration Agenda
  • Supervisor: Dr Julie Smith
Lucas De Oliveira Paes
  • Supervisor: Dr Ayşe Zarakol
Nicholas Devlin
  • Dialectic of Disillusionment: The political thought of ex-communists, c.1929 – c. 1960
  • Supervisor: Dr Christopher Brooke
Erik Eggum
  • The Mysteries of Mankind, Secrets of the State, and Complexities of Anarchy -
  • A Study of the Interdependence of Behavioral and Structural Factors in the Prediction of War
  • Supervisor: Aaron Rapport
Karim El Taki
  • Coping with Hierarchies: Egypt and Qatar in the Middle East and the World
  • Supervisor: Dr Glen Rangwala
Andrea Filipi
  • Supervisor: Dr. Devon Curtis
Paul Fraioli
  • Supervisor: Dr Stefan Halper
Vincent Garton
  • The crisis of socialism and the transformation of catastrophe, 1890-1945
  • Supervisor: Dr Duncan Kelly
  • Away on research from 2016-17
Arthur Ghins
  • Dissertation Title: Reassessing Benjamin Constant’s Political Thought
Jaakko Heiskanen
  • Nationalism and Ethnicity in the Context of International Minority Protection
  • Supervisor: Dr Ayşe Zarakol
Philipp Hirsch
  • Supervisor: Prof Brendan Simms
Johannes Hoerning
  • Thesis Title: The Morality of Fair Inequality
  • Supervisor: Christopher Brooke
Ardi Imseis
  • “The United Nations and the Question of Palestine: A Study in International Legal Subalternity”.
  • Supervisor: Professor Marc Weller
John-Clark Levin
  • Supervisor: Dr Dennis Grube
Ce Liang
  • Glorious Past, Vulnerable Present. The Re-emergence of Great Powers in International Politics.
  • Supervisor: Dr Ayse Zarakol
Dylan Loh
  • Contemporary Chinese Foreign Policy in Southeast Asia
  • Graduate Research Fellow of the Maritime Governance programme in the Centre for Rising Powers
  • St Catharine's College
  • Supervisor: Dr Ayse Zarakol
Liana Minkova
  • The ‘ICR Dilemma’: Individual Criminal Responsibility for Collective Crimes at the International Criminal Court
  • Supervisor: Dr Adam Branch
Babak Mohammadzadeh
  • State-Society Relations and Foreign Policy Autonomy in Iran and Saudi Arabia
  • Supervisor: Dr. Glen Rangwala
Marie Prüm
  • The Identity Politics of Sovereignty
  • Supervisor: Dr Ayse Zarakol
Dmitri Safronov
  • Supervisor: Dr. Harald Wydra
Joshua Smeltzer
  • Carl Schmitt and the Law of Nations
  • Supervisor: Dr. Duncan Kelly
Daniel J. Smith
  • “The False Song of Globalism”: Anti-Globalism, Populism, and Challenges to Liberal Hegemony in the United States and Europe
  • Supervisor: Dr. Chris Bickerton
Benjamin Studebaker
  • Inequality: How Democracy Undoes Itself
  • Supervisor: Professor David Runciman
David Talbot
  • The Changing Politics of Free Trade in the United States: 1985 - 2016
  • Supervisor: Dr. Jeremy Green
Marietta van der Tol
  • Toleration and the visibility of religion in the public domain
  • Dr. Sara Silvestri
Chuchu Zhang
  • From the Victory of FIS to the Fiasco of the AAV: Islamist Parties and Mobilization
  • Supervisor: Dr Roxane Farmanfarmaian