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PhD Students

Maha Rafi Atal
  • Supervisor: Dr Alastair Fraser
Andrea Binder
  • The global politics of tax haven regulation
  • Supervisor: Dr Helen Thompson
Melisa Bintoro
  • Decentralising the Resource Curse? Decentralisation, Natural Resource Wealth, and Democracy in Indonesia
  • Supervisor: Dr Tomas Larsson
Evelyn V Boettcher
  • Supervisor: Professor Stefan Halper
Donald Bray
  • Socio-Political Organization in Contemporary Southern Afghanistan: Understanding Political Dynamics amongst the Helmandi Pashtun
  • Supervisor: Professor George Joffé
Deborah Brown
  • PhD Student
  • St John's College
Peera Charoenvattananukul
  • Supervisor: Dr Ayse Zarakol
Margot Dazey
  • Transnational Islamic movements and Social Activism in France and Britain
  • Supervisor: Dr Sara Silvestri
Léonie de Jonge
  • Populism and Xenophobia in Small Western European States: Success and Failure of Right-Wing Populist Parties with an Anti-Immigration Agenda
  • Supervisor: Dr Julie Smith
Saleh El Machnouk
  • Supervisor: Dr Pieter van Houten
  • Thesis tile: Resurgent ethnic violence in post-conflict societies: a comparative assessment of consociational experiments
José H Fischel de Andrade
  • The asylum regime and norm variation at the international, regional, and domestic levels
  • Supervisor: Dr Charles Jones
Sean Fleming
  • A Hobbesian Theory of State Responsibility
  • Supervisor: Dr Duncan Bell
Paul Fraioli
  • Supervisor: Dr Stefan Halper
Vincent Garton
  • The crisis of socialism and the transformation of catastrophe, 1890-1945
  • Supervisor: Dr Duncan Kelly
  • Away on research from 2016-17
Arthur Ghins
  • Reaching Equilibrium: Benjamin Constant and the Transformations of Religion in Modernity
  • Supervisor: Dr Chris Brooke
Lilia Giugni
  • From Old Labour to New Labour. From the PCI to the PD. A comparative study of party change.
  • Supervisor: Professor John Loughlin
Jens Hamlischer
  • Organising Development in Kenya and Ghana
  • Supervisor: Dr Mette Eilstrup-Sangiovanni
Ardi Imseis
  • The United Nations and the Question of Palestine: Exploring the Gulf between Law, Legitimacy and Peace-making in International Affairs
  • Supervisor: Professor Marc Weller
Felipe Krause
  • New Contours of Transnational Advocacy: The Case of Drug Policy Reform in Brazil
  • Supervisor: Dr Graham Denyer Willis
Nicolas P. Köhler
  • The Political and Economic Determinants of India's Preferential Trade Agreements
  • Supervisor: Dr Kun-Chin Lin
  • Second supervisor: Dr Amrita Narlikar
Raphaël Lefèvre
  • The transformations of Sunni Islamic militancy in Northern Lebanon and Syria since the 1980s
  • Supervisor: Professor George Joffé
Dylan Loh
  • Contemporary Chinese Foreign Policy in Southeast Asia
  • Graduate Research Fellow of the Maritime Governance programme in the Centre for Rising Powers
  • St Catharine's College
  • Supervisor: Dr Ayse Zarakol
Danilo Marcondes de Souza Neto
  • Brazilian development cooperation in Mozambique in the fields of health and agriculture
  • Supervisor: Dr Emma Mawdsley
Babak Mohammadzadeh
  • State-Society Relations and Foreign Policy Autonomy in Iran and Saudi Arabia
  • Supervisor: Dr. Glen Rangwala
Tobias Müller
  • Localising secular power. The government of Muslim life worlds in diverse urban neighbourhoods in the Germany and the UK
  • Supervisor: Dr Sara Silvestri
  • Advisor: Dr Duncan Kelly
  • Cambridge Institute on Religion & International Studies (CIRIS)
  • Research Associate
Mark Powell
  • Anti-Europeanism in Contemporary American Discourse: The Press 2001-2011
  • Supervisor: Professor Christopher Hill
Camil Roman
  • The symbolic sources of the French Revolution and their impact on Prussia: towards an anthropology of radical political changes
  • Supervisor: Dr Harald Wydra
Lucia Rubinelli
  • Pouvoir constituant and the modern state: an analysis of constituent power's instrumental role in the organisation of modern politics
  • Supervisor: Dr Duncan Kelly
RD Andrew Stark
  • State-building, Transformation, and EU Integration
  • Supervisor: Dr Christopher Bickerton
Sebastian D Steingass
  • Federating EU Development Cooperation? Europe’s Contribution to International Development Effectiveness
  • Supervisor: Dr Geoffrey Edwards
Benjamin Studebaker
  • Inequality: How Democracy Undoes Itself
  • Supervisor: Professor David Runciman
Njoki Wamai
  • Perceptions of the International Criminal Court in Kenya
  • Supervisor: Dr Sharath Srinivasan
William Wright
  • British Populism 1900-1945
  • Supervisor: Dr Christopher Bickerton
Graeme Young
  • Collective Action and the State in Uganda’s Informal Economy
  • Supervisor: Dr Devon Curtis
Chuchu Zhang
  • From the Victory of FIS to the Fiasco of the AAV: Islamist Parties and Mobilization
  • Supervisor: Dr Roxane Farmanfarmaian