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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)

Thesis Title: Institutional determinants of citizens’ political participation and political attitudes at the subnational level
Supervisor: Dr. Pieter van Houten
Thesis Title: To what extent are Cypriot civil society organisations effective peacebuilders?
Supervisor: Professor Mette Eilstrup-Sangiovanni
Thesis Title: The Technology of Empire: War Experience and the Embodied Production of the International
Supervisor: Dr Lauren Wilcox; Professor Duncan Bell
Thesis Title: Navigating resistance: Women’s political participation in Kenyan subnational politics
Supervisor: Dr. Sharath Srinivasan
Thesis Title: The Concept of Situation in Simone de Beauvoir
Supervisor: Dr Sylvana Tomaselli
Thesis Title: Institutional Trust and Interpersonal Interaction: A Contact Theory Approach
Supervisor: Professor Dennis Grube
Thesis Title: The impact of populists in power on national foreign policy: An analysis of the consequences of the rise of populism as a political style on a government’s foreign policy
Supervisor: Professor Christopher Bickerton
Thesis Title: The reception of French Proudhonism in British political thought, 1880-1940
Supervisor: Professor Duncan Kelly
Thesis Title: Territoriality within Contemporary African Regional Politics
Supervisor: Professor Adam Branch
 Julien  Dumont
Thesis Title: Technopopulism in Britain and France
Supervisor: Professor Christopher Bickerton
Thesis Title: The effect of protest on the policy-making process in the EU
Supervisor: Dr Pieter van Houten
Thesis Title: Becoming Environmental: Murray Bookchin and the Politicisation of Ecology in the Postwar Era
Supervisor: Professor Duncan Kelly
 Lena  Hafner
Thesis Title: European Ethnic Economies – Genesis, Structures and Effects of Ethnically Determined Markets in European Welfare States
Supervisor: Dr Pieter van Houten
Thesis Title: Can we put caring at the heart of democracy?
Supervisor: Professor Lawrence Hamilton
Thesis Title: Public Perceptions of Trust in Government and Political Participation
Supervisor: Dr Pieter van Houten
Thesis Title: Internal liminals in the firing line: The Russia-West social hierarchy and Russia’s ‘fifth columns’ since 1999
Supervisor: Professor Ayşe Zarakol
Thesis Title: Reconstructing the State: Elite Competitions to Reconstruct State Identity during Critical Junctures
Supervisor: Professor Ayşe Zarakol
Thesis Title: Localising Transitional Justice in Africa: A Political History
Supervisor: Professor Adam Branch
Thesis Title: Albanian Questions, American Answers: Understanding the US approach to trans-boundary Albanian secessionism, 1998-2001
Supervisor: Professor Brendan Simms
Thesis Title: Managing Money from the Periphery: Searching for Sovereignty over Money in the Decades of Development, 1940-1980
Supervisor: Professor Jeremy Green
Thesis Title: Locating Parliaments within the UK Union: Parliamentary scrutiny of intergovernmental relations in the UK Parliament, Scottish Parliament and Senedd Cymru, 2010-2024
Supervisor: Professor Michael Kenny
Thesis Title: Ideas in Action: How armed group ideology shapes conflict-related sexual violence
Supervisor: Dr Holly Porter
Thesis Title: Ghost in the Machine: Artificial Intelligence and the Shadow of the Modern Subject
Principal Supervisor: Dr Lauren Wilcox
Thesis Title: Institutional Decision-Making and the Role of Evidence During Health Emergencies
Supervisor: Professor Mette Eilstrup-Sangiovanni
 William   Meade
Thesis Title: Rethinking the City's Dominance in British Capitalism: a Statecraft and Infrastructural Power Approach, 1979-2020
Supervisor: Professor Jeremy Green
Thesis Title: In Search of a Common Mark of Sovereignty for the Middle East
Supervisor: Dr. Pieter van Houten
Thesis Title: Targeted Sanctions and Sovereignty in Zimbabwe
Supervisor: Professor Lawrence Hamilton
Thesis Title: Perfectionist Aristotelian Republicanism
Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Brooke
Thesis Title: Good Governance and the Remaking of Global Political Authority, 1989-2005
Supervisor: Professor Jason Sharman
Thesis Title: The Limitations of Legal Empowerment Initiatives in Burundi
Supervisor: Dr Devon Curtis
Thesis Title: Great expectations? Meritocracy and social mobility in the age of behavioural policymaking
Supervisor: Professor Lucia Reisch
Carl Pierer
Thesis Title: Nature, Labour, and Reproduction: Facing the Predicament of the Anthropocene
Supervisor: Professor Duncan Kelly
Thesis Title:International cities: The political legitimacy of cities as international actors in a global age
Supervisor: Professor David Runciman
Thesis Title: The Baltic influence on the EU’s foreign policy response to Russia during crises in Georgia (2008) and Ukraine (2014)
Supervisor: Professor Julie Smith
Thesis Title: Two Souls of Post-Colonial Socialism: Third World Modernity in Post-War Southeast Asia (c. 1949-1976)
Supervisor: Dr Iza Hussin
Thesis Title: Understanding and Measuring Affective Polarisation in Mass Publics
Supervisor: Dr Roberto Foa
Thesis Title: In the Interest of Politics: Interests, interpretation, and judgment in political theory
Supervisor: Professor Lawrence Hamilton
Emmanuel Robert
Thesis Title: Governing the Unconscious. The Wager of the Behavioural Project
Supervisor: Dr Christopher Brooke
 Joe  Robinson
Thesis Title: The Modern State in the Digital Age
Supervisor: Professor Duncan Bell
Thesis Title: Social Media, Agonistic Democracy and the Public Sphere
Supervisor: Dr. Sharath Srinivasan
Thesis Title: To the rescue of the nation: Nationalist grassroots mobilization and autocratic legitimation in Saudi Arabia
Supervisor: Dr. Glen Rangwala
Thesis Title: “Catch-Up Nationalism”, the Dynamics of Ideas of Progress and the Quest for Status in Indonesia’s Emancipation as an Emerging Nation
Supervisor: Prof. William Hurst
Thesis Title: Digital temporality – the time of digital technologies in and beyond modernity
Supervisor: Professor Duncan Bell
Thesis Title: Imperial Democracy and Race on the British Left, c. 1885–1914
Supervisor: Professor Duncan Bell
 Uğur  Tekiner
Thesis Title: European Integration and the Political Crisis of the British Labour Party and the German SPD from the Mid-1980s until 2016
Supervisor: Professor. Christopher Bickerton
Thesis Title: Silicon Valley and the State: Technology corporations as competitors to state power
Supervisor: Professor Jason Sharman
Research Associate
Bennett Institute for Public Policy
Thesis Title: The Distribution of Wealth
Supervisor: Professor Diane Coyle
Thesis Title: Rising Powers and Norm Containment: Examining Variation in China’s Attitudes towards Liberal International Norms
Supervisor: Dr Giovanni Mantilla