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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)


Nanna L. Sæten did her MSc in political science at the University of Copenhagen, and her BSc in comparative politics at the University of Bergen.

College: Corpus Christi College


PhD student in political theory using the history of time/temporality/historicity in political thought to investigate whether digital technologies are changing time. Following the rich field of time studies, Nanna is interested in the political implications of time, specifically as it is conceptualised in technology. In accordance with theories of time in modernity she seeks to investigate to what extent the temporality of digital technologies challenges or continues the experience of accelerating time since the industrial revolution. Technologies of particular interest: crypto currency, high-speed trading, deep-learning neural networks and quantum computing.

Other Research Interests: Theories of time, modernity, digital and communication technologies, historicity, utopia, apocalypse, speech act theory, power, violence, administration, rationality.


Key publications: 

Sæten, Nanna Lilletvedt. 2019. “Tilgivelse – muligheten for en ny begynnelse”  Filosofisk Supplement (3-4): 40-47. Oslo: University of Oslo. Special Issue on Hannah Arendt.

Sæten, Nanna Lilletvedt. 2019. “Å kome heim”. Det Nye (Nye) Norskfaget. Ed. Kjersti Rognes Solbu and Marte Blikstad-Balas. Oslo: Fagbokforlaget. (Official curriculum for prospective teachers in Norwegian).

Thesis Title: Digital temporality – the time of digital technologies in and beyond modernity
Supervisor: Professor David Runciman

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