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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)

College: Christ’s College


My research investigates how the formation of transnational linkages and networks impact civil society organisations’ ability to meaningfully contribute to peacebuilding. I specifically seek to explore if they can continue to be embedded into a conflict’s contextual and local dynamics, and effectively work with disputants, if they operate across borders and become influenced by transnational connections. I am focusing on civil society organisations operating in Cyprus against the backdrop of the island’s ongoing conflict.

Research interests: Peacebuilding; Conflict and Frozen Conflict; Civil Society; Transnationalism and Digital Transnationalism; International Organisation; Unofficial Diplomacy and Mediation; Communication Technologies and Politics.



Key publications: 

Barrow, Mark. 2022. ‘Understanding Peacebuilding: An Issue of Approach Rather than Definition’. E-International Relations.


Barrow, Mark. 2022. ‘A Cat-and-Mouse Game? How Syrian Citizen Journalists Evade State Repression’. Cambridge Middle East and North Africa Forum.

Barrow, Mark. 2022. ‘Challenging Information Control with Communication Technologies in Syria’. E-International Relations.


Thesis Title: To what extent are transnational linkages impacting Cypriot civil society organisations’ meaningful contribution to peacebuilding?
Supervisor: Professor Mette Eilstrup-Sangiovanni

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