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Dr Glen Rangwala

Dr Glen Rangwala


University Teaching Officer

Fellow, Trinity

Office hours: Wednesdays 11-12pm

Office Phone: (+44/0) 1223 767253

Research Interests

  • The politics of the modern Middle East, especially the Levant (including Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Palestine) and the northern Gulf region (including Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait). My particular interests are (i) on the forms of political debate in these regions; and (ii) the character of the state and state-building processes.
  • Theories of contemporary conflict, particularly the political economy of modern war.
  • International organisation and some aspects of the role of international law in politics, especially in political argumentation.


- Undergraduate courses

Part IIB: POL12: The Politics of the Middle East (course organiser)

Part IIB: Conflict & Peacebuilding module: Conflict in Yemen (guide from 2015-16: not running at the moment)

Part IIB: Conceptual issues and texts in Politics and International Relations

Part IIA: Comparative Politics module: Egypt and Iran

- Graduate teaching

Applications from prospective PhD students are welcome. I review all PhD applications that come in to the department that focus on the Middle East, but please note that I am not able to give feedback on proposed research topics or indicate a willingness to supervise prior to application.

My current PhD students are:

  • Babak Mohammadzadeh, "State-society relations and foreign policy autonomy in the Persian Gulf"
  • Lucy Thirkell, "The Everyday Political Spaces of Uncertainty in Gaza"
  • José Ciro Martínez, "The Politics of Bread: Development, Dispossession and Authoritarianism in Jordan and Morocco"
  • Michael Clark (as second supervisor), "Identity and Foreign Policy Formulation in Hezbullah and the Sadrist movement"

PhD students who submitted in the academic year 2015-16 are:

  • Renad Mansour, "The Kurdistan Region's sub-state diplomatic practice" 
  • Anser Kazi, "The Politics of Blasphemy: Religion and Public Reasoning in Pakistan"
  • Burcu Ozcelik, "Reclaiming reconciliation: pro-Kurdish rights claims and the politics of recognition in Turkey, 2002-2015"
  • Alia al-Kadi, "The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Jordan: Foreign Policy Perspectives"