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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)


Tom Hopkins is a Senior Teaching Associate in the Department of Politics and International Studies.  He received his PhD in History from the University of Cambridge in 2011.  He held a postdoctoral position at the University of Helsinki, Finland and a lectureship in the History of Political Thought at Queen Mary University of London, before returning to Cambridge in 2015.


Key publications: 

‘The Limits of “Cosmopolitical Economy”: Smith, List and the Paradox of Peace through Trade’, in T. Hippler and M. Vec, eds, Paradoxes of Peace in Nineteenth-Century Europe, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015), pp. 77-91.

‘Pierre-Louis Roederer, Adam Smith and the Problem of Inequality’, in D. Carey, ed., Money and Political Economy in the Enlightenment, (Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, 2014), pp. 201-23.

‘Sismondi on the problems and promise of international trade’, in B. Kapossy and P. Bridel, eds, Sismondi: Républicanisme moderne et libéralisme critique, "Travaux et Recherches de l'Institut Benjamin Constant", (Geneva: Slatkine, 2013), pp. 99-121.

‘Adam Smith on American Economic Development and the Future of the European Atlantic Empires', in S. Reinart and P. Røge, eds, The Political Economy of Empire in the Early Modern World, Cambridge Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies Series, general editors M. Vaughan and R. Drayton, (London: Palgrave, 2013), pp. 53-75.

Teaching and Supervisions


POL 1: The Modern State and its Alternatives

POL 7: History of Political Thought to c.1700

POL 8/10: History of Political Thought, c.1700-c.1890 (Paper Convenor)

POL 11: Political Philosophy and the History of Political Thought since c.1890

Senior Teaching Associate
 Tom  Hopkins

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