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Tobias Müller

Tobias  Müller

Localising secular power. The government of Muslim life worlds in diverse urban neighbourhoods in the Germany and the UK

Supervisor: Dr Sara Silvestri

Advisor: Dr Duncan Kelly

Cambridge Institute on Religion & International Studies (CIRIS)

Research Associate

Research Interests

-          Political Theory, especially 20th century

-          Critical and postcolonial theory

-          Politics and theories of secularism

-          Religion and politics

-          Islam in Europe

-          Governance of diversity in urban settings

Key Publications

  1. Müller, Tobias (in print, forthcoming): Destabilizing Religion, Secularism, and the State. Commissioned review essay in Political Theory.
  2. Müller, Tobias (forthcoming): Provincializing Political Education: Postkoloniale Politische Theorie, in Markus Gloe und Tonio Oeftering (ed), Politische Theorie meets Politische Bildung.
  3. Müller, Tobias (forthcoming): “Moderat” oder “extremistisch”? Definitionsdynamiken in der deutschen Islampolitik, in Amir Schirin-Moazami (ed.) Der Inspizierte Muslim, Bielefeld: Transcript.
  4. Müller, Tobias (2017): Engaging “Moderates” Against “Extremists” in German Politics on Islam”, in Review of Faith & International Affairs, 15:2, 55-65.
  5. Müller, Tobias (2017): Constructing Islam and Secularism in the German Islam Conference, in Paul Anderson and Julian Hargreaves (ed), Muslims in the UK and Europe III, Cambridge: Centre for Islamic Studies, 49-62. Available online:
  6. Müller, Tobias (2016): Il potere del popolo è laico? Un'analisi critica della religione e del potere del popolo nella teoria democratia liberale (Is people's power secular? A critical analysis of religion and people's power in liberal democratic theory), in Rivista di Politica, 4/2016, 49-64.                
  7. Müller, Tobias (2015) “Contemporary Islamic Thinkers' Understandings of Secularism” Master Thesis, University of Cambridge, in: Perspectives in the Study of Religion, LMU Munich,
  8. Müller, Tobias (2012) “God is Caesar?” Die Debatte um den Islam als Hindernis für Demokratisierung, in: Münchener Beiträge zur Politikwissenschaft 24, LMU Munich,
  9. Müller, Tobias (2015) “Patriarchat im 21. Jahrhundert. Die analytische und politische Aktualität eines feministischen Kampfbegriffes” (Patriarchy in the 21st century. The analytical and political topicality of a feminist combat term), LMU Munich, (best student paper).

Other Publications

  1. Müller, Tobias (2014) “Economics. The User's Guide” by Ha-Joon Chang, Book review, in Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 27:4, 761-764.
  2. Müller, Tobias (2014) “The Rise of the BRICS in Africa” by Pádraig Carmody, Book review, in Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 27:2, 393-395.
  3. Müller, Tobias (2014) “The crisis of democracy: John Dunn and Fuat Keyman on the History and Future of a Regime”, in CRIAViews, 1 July 2014,
  4. Müller, Tobias (2014) “Capitalism Beyond Money – A Feminist Analytical Framework“, in CRIAViews, 28 May 2014,