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PhD Academic Poster Competition Winner

last modified Jul 10, 2020 12:48 PM
The Department of POLIS is pleased to announce that the winner of the PhD Academic Poster competition 2020 is Engy Moussa. Congratulations Engy!
PhD Academic Poster Competition Winner

Engy Moussa

Academic posters are a great way to disseminate research and to promote work at conferences. A good academic poster will capture attention, explain ideas and open further discussions. 

Engy Moussa is a PhD researcher in Politics & International Studies.

Engy’s doctoral research examines the Arab region’s security market since 2011. She particularly asks: How have privatizing and outsourcing security contributed to reconfiguring authoritarian rule in the Arab region after the 2010-2011 uprisings. Drawing upon interviews, official documents and fieldwork, she argues that the post-uprisings reconfiguration of the security market fits into an ongoing framework of authoritarian adaption pursued by the region’s ruling regimes to ensure their survival and prosperity. Alongside outlining the research’s theoretical framework, methods and the gaps it tries to fill, the poster highlights the case studies’ main findings and concludes with some reflections on how privatizing security could either enhance democracy or enforce authoritarianism.

Winning poster