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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)

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Image JPEG imageP1010037 Image
Image JPEG imageP1010036 Image
Image JPEG imageITLR Image
Image JPEG imagetruth 166853 1920 Image
Image GIF imageOr Book Image
Image PNG imageChris Brooke Book Image
Image JPEG image9781781256596 1 Image
Image GIF imagek11022 Image
Image JPEG imageHelen T Book Image
Image JPEG imageGreen Team Banner- Gold Image
Image JPEG imageNabila Idris Image
Image JPEG imagePoster Nabila Idris Image
Image JPEG imagePoster Arief Lubis Image
Image JPEG imagePoster Paola Velasco Herrejon Image
Image JPEG imageKsenia Book Image
Image PNG imageMPP Course Structure 2017-18 Image
Image GIF imageAyse Book Image
Image JPEG imageJason Sharman front page Image
Image PNG imageGI Gold for ARB Image
Image DER/PEM/Netscape-encoded X.509 certificateSarah Streyder Image
ImageAlana Baker Image
Image D source codeHalah Ahmad Image
ImageAudrey Berdahl-Baldwin Image
Image Troff document (with manpage macros)Muhammad Farouq Bin Osman Image
ImageSimon Gallow Image
ImageJenna Gibbons Image
ImageArianna Kandell Image
ImageJennifer Lee Image
ImageLilian Lewis Image
Image packed font fileJasmine Luk Image
Image text/x-nemerleArchie Matheson Image
Image text/x-nemerleJoan O'Bryan Image
Image libtool shared libraryAlexis Pala Image
Image text/x-nemerleIsla Pawson Image
Image packed font fileRebecca Resnik Image
ImageRosanna Saffell Image
Image C headerAsees Satpal Singh Image
ImageEvi Tokov Image
Image Pascal source codeJulian Tollestrup Image
ImageLindsay Trammell Turner Image
Image AR archiveFelipe Valencia-Dongo Image
Image JPEG imageBernardo book Image
Image2017 R.A. Butler Prize Image
Image2017 Butler Prize seminar Image
Image2017 Butler Prize seminar_1 Image
Image JPEG imageDollars Image
Image D source codePE Starter Fund Image
Image JPEG imagehistory and nationalist legitimacy robert weatherley8483(www.ebook Large Image
Image JPEG imageDiane Image
Image JPEG imageDC Image
Imagepg_openday Image
ImageMPP Course Structure 2018-19 Image
File PDF documentBritish Politics seminar series 2018 File
Image JPEG imageGreen Team 2018 small Image
File PDF documentJason Charman CV File
Image JPEG imageTara Westover Image
Image JPEG imageCRP Logo 883 Image
File PDF documentLauraDiazAnadon CV 20180220 File
Image JPEG imageSpeaker LordHennessey2 Image
Image JPEG imageProf Anand Menon Image
Image text/x-nemerleProfessor Anand Menon Image
File application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.documentCURRENT APPLICATION FORM (1) File
Image D source codeUndergraduate apply Image
Image D source codegraduate apply Image
Image JPEG imageL. de Jonge (2) Image
Image JPEG imagePosterLdeJonge Image
Image JPEG imageoverview Image
Image JPEG imageMPP lectures5 Image
Image JPEG imageMPP lectures4 Image
Image JPEG imageMPP lectures3 Image
Image JPEG imageMPP lectures2 Image
Image JPEG imageMPP lectures1 Image
Image JPEG imageMPP 2017 18 Class Photo Image
Image JPEG imageARBI1 Image
Image JPEG imageARB4 Image
Image JPEG imageARB3 Image
Image JPEG imageARB2 Image
Image JPEG imageARB1 Image
Image JPEG imageoverview edited Image
Image Troff documentJoseph Kannarkat Image
ImageSwasti Saraogi Image
Image application/java-serialized-objectMira Nasser Image
ImageKirsten Shiu Image
Image x-conference/x-cooltalkHaley Rice Image
Image C headerVictoria Maloch Image
Image object codeUgonma Nwankwo Image
ImageJingmiao Ouyang (Felicia) Image
Image C headerMalbert Smith Image
Image JPEG imageteaching_diagram_18_19 Image
File PDF documentCV ADAM BRANCH File
File PDF documentDuncan Kelly Brief CV (Updated Oct 2018) File
File PDF documentJS CV File
Image JPEG imageOpen Days 14551398816 o (1) Image
File PDF documentJason Sharman CV File
Image JPEG image6d508d78 6ca1 49b9 a8a9 2ba97c523999 Image
Image JPEG imageJason Headshot Image
Image JPEG imageMs Creguta Mihaila-Podolan Image
Image JPEG imageIza Book Image
ImageUniversity Staff Survey Image
Image NES ROMProfessor Erik Jones Image

RSS Feed Latest news

Dr Andrea Binder is the winner of the Körber Foundation's German Dissertation Award 2020 in the social sciences.

Jul 29, 2020

Dr Andrea Binder is the winner of the Körber Foundation's German Dissertation Award 2020 in the social sciences. The prize honors excellent PhD research with a high relevance for society. The annual competition is held under the auspices of Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble. The award is endowed with EUR25.000.

Winner of the Aaron Rapport Teaching Prize 2020

Jul 22, 2020

Professor Jude Browne is the inaugural winner of the Aaron Rapport prize in 2020

Winner of the Lisa Smirl Prize for best PhD 2019-20 Announced

Jul 21, 2020

The Department of Politics and International Studies is delighted to announce the winner of the Lisa Smirl prize for the best PhD completed in POLIS during the academic year, 2019-2020.