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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)


We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 PhD Fieldwork Photography Competition


This year's POLIS Fieldwork Photography Competition was again run in collaboration with the blog, In The Long Run (ITLR), to showcase the best images our PhD students have taken whilst out on their fieldwork.


We received some fantastic entries, but the judges decided on the following three winning images, congratulations to Reetika Subramanian, Konstantinos Pittas and Dustin Barton for sharing your photos.




First place

Reetika Subramanian, PhD Candidate, The Centre for Gender Studies

Beed district, Marathwada, February 2021.

Caption: Visible Work, Invisible Worker: Sheela Rathod cuts sugarcane for 15 hours a day, non-stop, for six months every year. Another four hours are spent on cooking, cleaning, and attending to her young children. Yet, she is not recognised, remunerated, and respected as a ‘full’ worker.


Second Place

Konstantinos Pittas, PhD candidate, Politics and International Studies.

Caption: Whitney Museum 2019, New York, USA. Unsanctioned intervention inside the exhibition room by activists who attempted to hold the Whitney Museum accountable to the communities it claims to serve. ©Konstantinos Pittas.


Third Place

Dustin Barton, PhD candidate, The Centre for Development Studies

“Life Goes On”

Caption: Cambodia has managed the pandemic remarkably well, with the population regularly adapting to an evolving context. This photo captures my neighbours daily chess battle.