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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)


Emerging studies show that the pandemic has pushed many women into more traditional roles, negatively impacting gender equity in the workplace

Meet alumna Rea Eldem and Francesca Root—who are working together to build more equitable organisational cultures


IN-VISIBLE BERLIN supports organisations in their transformation process towards a more equitable organisational culture.

“Part of this means recognising employees’ needs and building upon the experiences of minority groups, fostering a working culture where everyone feels invited”, says Rea, who during her MPhil at the University of Cambridge observed that there is often little or no transfer of knowledge from Gender Studies into business practice in Germany.


Changing this by supporting organisations in examining their own corporate culture has since become IN-VISIBLE BERLIN’s mission.


Rea and fellow Clare Hall Life Member Francesca Root, along with their Berlin- and Hamburg-based teams, facilitate training and conceptualise tailor-made workshops to kick off the transformation. 


“The clients that approach IN-VISIBLE BERLIN are diverse,” explains Francesca, “from tech-start-ups seeking to address more women, to corporates who want to call out sexism, to research faculties looking for a moderated safe space to discuss personal experience.”


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Image credit Rea Eldem