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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)


We are delighted to announce we have 11 new colleagues joining POLIS this year


"Dear Colleagues, this year marks a major expansion of the Department, please do welcome and get to know our new colleagues as they join throughout the course of 2021."

- Jason Sharman, Head of the Department 





William Hurst

Chong Hua Professor of Chinese Development

William joined POLIS earlier this year from Northwestern University. 

He works on labour politics, contentious politics, political economy, and the politics of law and legal institutions, principally in China and Indonesia. 

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Steven Ward

International Relations Lecturer

Previously Assistant Professor of Government and Associate Director of the Judith Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies at Cornell University.

Steven's research explores the relationship between status concerns and domestic politics in the context of relative decline. The second investigates the role of tripwire forces as deterrent signals. 

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Lucia Reisch

El-Erian Professor of Behavioural Economics and Policy

Lucia joins us from the Department of Management, Society and Communication at the Copenhagen Business School.

A principal investigator in several large EU research projects on consumer behaviour and sustainability policy, Lucia would like to use this unique opportunity to focus on behavioural insights based policies for sustainable development, both in research, teaching, and practice, in cooperation with policymakers and innovative companies worldwide.

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Natalya Naqvi

Development Studies Lecturer

Natalya joins us from the London School of Economics where she is an Assistant Professor in International Political Economy. 

Natalya's research interests are in the areas of international and comparative political economy, with a focus on the role of the state and the financial sector in economic development, as well as the amount of policy space developing countries have to conduct selective industrial policy.

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Alena Drieschova

International Relations Lecturer

Alena Drieschova is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Cardiff University.

She works on the role of material culture and technology in international relations, notably on how everyday material encounters shape international orders. She also looks at the role of communication technologies in international politics. 







Carsten-Andreas Schulz

International Relations Lecturer

Carsten-Andreas is an Assistant Professor of International Relations at the Instituto de Ciencia Política, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

His research focuses on the historical evolution of international order, hierarchy in world politics, and the international relations of Latin American states. 

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Jostein Hauge

Development Studies Lecturer (3 years)

Jostein is a political economist and LSE Fellow at the Department of International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science. 

His research interests are in the areas of international political economy, economic development and industrialisation, technological change and digitalisation, the role of the state in economic change, and comparative historical analysis. 

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Joeva Rock

Development Studies Lecturer (3 years)

Joeva is an anthropologist and lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley.

Her research focuses on agricultural biotechnologies, international development, and social movements on the African continent. 

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Sarah Lockwood

Development Studies Lecturer (3 years)

Postdoctoral Research Scholar and Lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Columbia University, and a Research Affiliate at the Institute for Democracy, Citizenship and Public Policy in Africa at the University of Cape Town.

Her work lies at the intersection of comparative politics and the political economy of development, with a substantive interest in protest and other forms of democratic accountability. 







Rebecca Buxton

Political Theory Lecturer (3 years)

Rebecca is currently a researcher at the University of Oxford, specialising in political philosophy and migration.

Her current research looks at the political rights of refugees in various settings and the concept of 'membership' in political and social theory. She is also interested in migration studies, history of political thought, non-human animals, and feminist philosophy/political theory. 

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Tristen Naylor

History and Politics Lecturer (3 years)

Tristen is an LSE Fellow in International Relations and recipient of LSE's 2019 Excellence in Education Award.

He is an expert in international summits and diplomacy, and his work focuses particularly on the G7 and G20. 

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