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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)



Sir David Lidington talks about 'A United Kingdom? The future of the constitution and the Union'


This year, one week after the Scottish and Welsh parliamentary elections, Sir David Lidington discussed the future of the constitution and the Union. Professor David Runciman will chair the webinar event, which takes the form of a talk followed by a Q&A session. Sir David Lidington served in the House of Commons for nearly 28 years, including more than nine years as a Minister in the governments led by David Cameron and Theresa May. The Antcliffe Lecture, organised by the Department of POLIS at the University of Cambridge is an annual event addressing British politics, and was established following a donation in the name of John Antcliffe, a Cambridge alumnus.


This event took place on Thursday 13 May at 5:30 pm.


Read Sir David's lecture here>>