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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)



Undergraduate study

As an undergraduate student at Cambridge, you will be taught by members of a dynamic community of researchers working on the world's most complex and pressing issues.

Politics and International Studies gives you the opportunity to study the world's most important issues—climate change, gender politics, public health, the global economy and public policy. 

Our graduates go on to change the world—working for governments, NGO's, international policymakers, non-profits and so much more.


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Postgraduate study

As a postgraduate student at Cambridge, you will become a member of a large interdisciplinary research community. 

Choosing to do your postgraduate research with us will give you the opportunity to learn important skills and engage with academics who are leaders in their respective fields. 

Our postgraduates go on to deliver new and inspiring research that challenges the status quo and looks for solutions to some of the greatest issues facing the world today. 


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