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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)


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For information regarding Leave to Work Away, Fieldwork Funding, Ethics, Risk Assessments and other matters relating to your student status and course. 



Further information for PhD students


  • Code of Practice 

    We recommend all review this at the start of their study so a signature page has been introduced to the booklet to help encourage this.

    We will not be checking on students or their supervisor that this has been completed, but please note that if you do not sign the booklet this does not mean that you will not be held against it.




  • Thesis Submission Current students please log onto the course Moodle to access submission information and to submit your thesis


  • Methods and Approaches Course
    This course is compulsory for all first-year PhD students and is led by Professor Duncan Kelly. Current students please log onto the course Moodle to access the reading list and course outline and for more information about the course.