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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)

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Editorial board member Iza Hussin (University of Cambridge) and editor Mona Oraby (Amherst College) cocurated this forum that draws together scholars of religion, state, and society to initiate a conversation around translation and its place within the academic enterprise.


As they write in their introductory essay:


“Rather than a concern with either fidelity of meaning or its reconstruction, between spaces and times, we consider translation in three linked dimensions: as labour and collaboration, as textual and institutional, and as circulatory and comparative. The essays gathered in this forum take the ubiquity of translation as a provocation to ask a range of questions: about the tensions inherent in transformations of language and text; about texts and institutions that do translative work across multiple registers for diverse audiences; about scholarly practices of comparison and conflation; about material archives and the work of memorialization and preservation; and about the circulation of translation in networks of knowledge, migration, pilgrimage, labour, exile, and empire.”


New contributions to this forum will be published through Summer 2021.


Find out more and read the introductory essay here>>





Dr Iza Hussin

Iza is a Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Studies at the University of Cambridge, a member of the World History faculty, and the Mohamed Noah Fellow at Pembroke College Cambridge. Her work occupies the intersection of Islamic legal studies, comparative politics, and post/colonial law and society studies. Current research projects include a manuscript on the travels of law across the Indian Ocean arena, on the securitization of religion in local and international legal reasoning, and on challenges to liberal governance in Southeast Asia. She is Director of the PhD in Politics and International Studies, a general editor of the Cambridge University Press series Asian Connections, associate editor of Modern Asian Studies, and Associate Research Fellow at the Joint Centre for History and Economics (Harvard/Cambridge).


You can read her full bio and publications here>>




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