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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)


Engy is a Teaching Associate at the Department of Politics and International Studies, lecturing on the Politics of the Middle East. She received her PhD in Middle Eastern Politics and Security Studies from the University of Cambridge in 2021. Her PhD research looked at the privatisation and outsourcing of security across different Arab countries following the 2010-2011 uprisings.


Engy pursues a multi-disciplinary research agenda covering Middle East politics, critical security studies, and international relations alongside the politics and economics of authoritarian rule.


Key publications: 

(2021) “Watermelon Democracy: Egypt’s Turbulent Transition,” Book Review in British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies.

(2019) “Militarising the nation: the army, business, and revolution in Egypt,” Book Review in British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 1–2.

(2018) “Who’s who: contested identities and conflicting alliances in the shadow of the Arab uprisings,” Blog post, In the Long run, University of Cambridge. Available at:

(2017) “The New Power Politics: Networks and Transnational Security Governance,” Book Review in St. Antony’s International Review, 13(1), pp.167-170. Available at:

(2016) “September 11, 2001: U.S. Ruling Class’s Agenda for Hegemony,” in Official Conference Proceedings: The Asian Conference on Arts & Humanities 2016. Japan: The International Academic Forum, 2016. pp. 135-147. Available at:

Teaching and Supervisions


·    POL12: The Politics of the Middle East
·    POL5 and POL19: Themes and Issues in Politics and International Relations
·    POL4: Comparative Politics
·    POL4 module A: Saudi Arabia and Iran

Teaching Associate

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