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Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)

King's College, University of Cambridge with wildflower meadow in the foreground

The 6th Cambridge Historical International Relations Conference is for academics and graduate students who are interested in historical approaches to international relations.

The 2024 Conference took place on Friday 10, May 2024

Time: 9.50am to 5.30pm

Location: SG1/2 Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road, Cambridge

Download the programme for the day

Programme for the Day


Coffee & Tea


Welcome: Jason Sharman


Session 1 (Chair: Jason Sharman):

  • Megan Donaldson (UCL) “Negotiating Extradition”
  • Giovanni Mantilla (Cambridge) “Success and Failure in UN Security Council Enlargement during Decolonization”
  • Sinja Graf (LSE) “International Law and Colonial Reparations: Germany's Chronopolitics of Deflection”
  • Hazem Kandil (Cambridge) “Forever Wars Last Forever”




Session 2 (Chair: Alena Drieschova)

  • Anahita Arian (Cambridge) “Re-Orienting the Gaze: The Eroticization of. English Women, 'Oriental' Perceptions of English Gender Relations, and Safavid Epistemic Agency”
  • Or Rosenboim (Bologna) “Displacement and Belonging: Rethinking Global Migrations through Family Histories”
  • Ulas Ince (SOAS) “Capitalism and Race in Imperial Perspective: Beyond Methodological Atlanticism”
  • Tomas Wallenius (Oxford) “Capitalism and Modern International Order. Evidence from Foreigners' Property Rights”


Coffee Break


Concluding Round-Table

  • Duncan Bell (Cambridge)
  • Halvard Leira (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs)
  • Yale Ferguson (Rutgers)
  • Ayse Zarakol (Cambridge)
  • Jeremy Adelman (Cambridge)



The conference is funded by the Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge and King’s College, Cambridge