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Stephanie Diepeveen

Stephanie  Diepeveen

Information flows, mobile phones and practices of citizenship in Kenya

Supervisor: Dr Sharath Srinivasan

Jesus College

Research Interests

African politics

Kenyan politics

Notions of citizenship

Postcolonial studies

Politics and digital technologies 

Key Publications

Diepeveen, S, Ling, T, Suhrcke, M, Roland, M and Marteau, T (2013), Public acceptability of government intervention to change health-related behaviours: a systematic review and narrative synthesis. BMC Public Health 13, no. 756.

Marjanovic, S, Hanlin, R, Diepeveen, S and Chataway, J (2012), Research Capacity Building in Africa: Networks, Institutions and Local Ownership. Journal of International Development 25, no. 7: 936-946.


Diepeveen, S (2010), “‘The Kenyas we don’t want’: Popular thought and high political manoeuvre in Constitutional Review in Kenya, c2002,” Journal of Modern African Studies 48, no. 2: 231-258.


Diepeveen, S (2008), “Putting Empowerment into Practice: Evaluating the Potential for “Development as Freedom” in the Millennium Villages Project,” Undercurrent: The Canadian Undergraduate Journal of Development Studies 5, no. 5: 6-13.